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Hearing is not only the ability to hear sound but to understand and localize sound as well.

Individuals with hearing loss (even with hearing aids) will not be able to hear sound in noise and

localize sound as well as someone whose hearing is within normal limits. People often think that

hearing aids will compensate and bring back hearing to how it was beforehand. That is a big

misconception and will often lead to high expectations and impatience of family members.

Therefore, it is always recommended to bring along a family member when there is some hearing

loss suspected because there is a counseling process as well as the actual fitting of the hearing

aids. Although many of the new hearing aids are built to help with localization and to understand

speech even in noisy environments, nothing is like the actual natural hearing that we were born

with. Hearing tests can be done from newborn babies through the elderly population and is not

specifically dependant on the mental capacity of the patient.

Dr. Nosson Adam Enock, a licensed audiologist in NY and NJ opened Ocean County

Audiology Center (OCAC) in Lakewood, NJ in order to help the growing community with their

hearing needs (with the advice of many top pediatricians in Lakewood). OCAC accepts

Americhoice-United Healthcare and other major insurances (NY insurances included) which is a

big help for the many people with hearing needs.

How did he choose to become an audiologist? Dr. Enock’s older brother Ari was born

profoundly deaf. This was the major cause for his mother, Dr. Marilyn Enock to go in to the field

of audiology and eventually move from Washington Heights, in the early 1970’s, to Pittsburgh,

PA (She has a private practice in Pittsburgh). He eventually followed his mother’s footsteps and

entered into the field of audiology after serving as a Rebbe for six years. He has been fitting

hearing aids since 2002 and graduated with a ScD at Montclair State University in May of 2010.

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