Ocean County Audiology Center Opens In Lakewood

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Ocean County Audiology Center Opens In Lakewood

May 08 2011

This afternoon, a Kvias Mezuzah event was held at the new Ocean County Audiology Center

on County Line Road. The Ocean County Audiology Center was opened by Dr. Nosson Adam

Enock, in order to alleviate the pressing needs of children and adults in the community to have

their hearing evaluated.

Dr. Nosson Adam Enock is a licensed audiologist in NY, NJ and PA. He has worked in

Robertwood Johnson, The Brooklyn Hospital Center, and Bacharach Rehabilitation Center as

well as ENT offices and private practices. He has been in practice selling hearing aids since 2002

and at the bequest of Doctors in the community has opened his practice in order to help out the

growing need in the community.

“Many parents are not sure and often say over the same story”, says Dr. Enock. “My child was

under the water for the past year until I found out that he needed tubes”. “Critical time period for

development of speech and social behavior are often overlooked and ignored causing the need

for much therapy later on. By finding the root of the problem, having their hearing evaluated,

common developmental issues can be avoided”, he says. “Eyes are checked annually and so

should hearing”. “Many times adults are not aware of a hearing loss since hearing loss often

occurs only at specific frequencies causing the listener to think that other people are mumbling

or not speaking clearly”.

Hearing tests can now be done from newborn babies through the elderly population.

The center is located at 921 E county Line Road.

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Ocean County Audiology Center
921 E County Line Rd
Lakewood, NJ 08701
Tel: (732) 987 6590
Email: ocacdr@gmail.com

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